PREMIERE: “Foothills” by Oriel Poole

In her galactic new music video for the track "Foothills," Oriel Poole honours her purpose, and claims her crown.

September 21, 2018

The use of cars in pop music videos has a lengthy and illustrious legacy with everyone from Rihanna to M.I.A. adding their own take on road symbolism. In her new video for “Foothills,” Oriel Poole, cruises along an endlessly open road, bookended with bronzed mountains, and the type of determination that makes it evident that she has clear destination in mind. Directed by Ryan Lampert and co-written by Ostara and Poole, the U.K-born, L.A.-based electro-soul artist weaves breathy vocals over a galactic melody that borrows its shape from the early 2010s trip-hop boom.

When Poole sheds an enviable fur coat and makes a run to the mountains, she’s in search of something far more divine than a higher altitude: she’s running to claim her crown. With the assistance of a certain priestess, Poole undergoes a transformation, as she gladly accepts her ascent to a higher plane. It’s an effortless, and visually tantalizing, metaphor for leaning into the the process of a self-efficacy, and its unlimited potential for a quiet, personal revolution.

For Poole, global access to her art, arrived with a welcomed reminder than her work is inspired by a firm social responsibility:

“My life at this stage [while writing “Foothills”] is to remember that sharing my voice with the world is important, it is a key component of the highest expression of myself. Moving one step beyond—I am not motivated to be an artist simply for a means of fame or fortune, but in following this path, it is my way to contribute toward the greater good in the world.

I believe that all people on this earth are benevolent beings (whether they remember it or not); we inherently want to be of value and make a difference in this world

Oriel Poole

This song and video carry the themes of reconnection to one’s self, shedding of the material world, and rebirth. We have all arrived on the planet to pursue a divine path, something unique each of us are born to fulfill, and it is through the discovery of life that we unravel the layers and define the truest expression of self. To live life to the fullest is not a phrase to I take lightly, we are here to remember why we are born, and what we are assigned to create in this lifetime.

It is when our cups our full and overflowing, that we are not only stable, but expensive in our sense of self and place in this world. We are all here to live out a purpose and attract the resources that we need in order to fulfill that purpose. It is in this action that we can truly give back to others and make a positive imprint on this planet. I believe that all people on this earth are benevolent beings (whether they remember it or not); we inherently want to be of value and make a difference in this world, but the only way to do so is by honoring our purpose first.

In “Foothills”—my purpose is to climb this mountain and thrive as the artist I am embracing. I am claiming my heart and soul by honoring what I came to into this life to become. The entire story is rooted in my initiation into my higher truth or path as an artist, the path of voice, art, and beauty are all symbols of the divine feminine.”

You can check out the video below:

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