PREMIERE: “Haunted” by Price & Takis

On their new single “Haunted, ” Toronto duo Price and Takis revamp the breakup anthem.

April 5, 2018

The come up story of Toronto duo Price & Takis (Micheal Assalin & Peter Takis) felt destined for success from the beginning. Both coming from musical backgrounds (Price was producing hip hop records in high school and Takis cut his teeth as an underage DJ), after meeting in 2016, their bootleg remix of Zara Larsson’s “Never Forget You” became one of YouTube’s most streamed tracks of the year, garnering the duo an international fanbase.

On their debut track “Haunted,” while EDM might be the closest contemporary, the track is rooted in the stormy 808s that have put Toronto on the map. It’s sensual and sharp with the drawn out intonation (and underlying tribulations) exclusive to battling feelings of lust, especially when it’s within your reach. In their new music video, directed by Ryan Craven, behind a backdrop of palm trees and muted colours, Price and Takis go through the cycles of partying and realization, before deciding to go out on their own.

In their own words, they describe the process of finding their sound much like other organic music collaborations that have gone on to achieve remarkable success:

“On Christmas Eve, we were in the studio with some friends and songwriters who were trying a
lot of different ideas on the mic over some chords we had created,” says Takis. “Then,
(probably thanks to some Hennessy) Price said, ‘Ima give it a shot. I have this idea.’ The
songwriters kinda laughed but on the first take, he freestyled that ‘I’ve been on the road’

I turned to him and gave him a look like ‘That’s fire, let’s keep going!’ Since then, we’ve
realized that when Price performs some of our songs, they feel really honest. It’s our way to
turn ideas and lyrics in our head into songs without a ‘middleman’. No filter.”

They’ll be dropping the track, trap remix and music video tomorrow. For now, we have an exclusive premiere of the track and music video for “Haunted” after the jump.

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