PREMIERE: Hoodlem’s Teenager EP

Hoodlem's newest EP summons the familiar urge to groove to unfamiliar sounds while featuring lyrics refreshing in their emotional sophistication

Maddison CT
May 30, 2018

Pop music might exist as an endless cycle of trends, but these trends don’t necessarily need to be followed in order to make good pop music. In fact, quite the opposite, as Hoodlem proves. On the Toronto-Melbourne artist’s Teenager EP — a five-track ode to the “feeling of falling in love with someone in the most playful way” —with a little help from fellow Aussie producers GXNXVS and Yeo, her newest offering is provides a birds-eye view through the singular perspective and musical style of Hoodlem

If Jai Paul’s 2013 self-titled album was a party to remember, consider Teenager the five-year reunion – everyone’s reconnected, a little more mature, brainier, but all the more eager to have a good time because of it. Tracks like “Funny Farm” and “Hold On” manage to summon  within listeners a familiar urge to groove from unfamiliar sounds, but aside from their dance-ability, also feature lyrics refreshing in both their pointedness and emotional sophistication. These tracks, along with sadgirl R&B vibe-outs such as the self-titled song and “Last Night,” point toward an artistic range within Hoodlem both broad and accomplished, one that is clearly demonstrated over the course of Teenager.

Listen to the Teenager EP in full below. You can Hoodlem at her launch event tonight at the Drake Underground in Toronto.


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