PREMIERE: “I Find, Anyways” By Inland Island

The new single from Montreal queer folk outfit Inland Island is as close to casual magic as you can get.

May 11, 2018

Inland Island, the emerging project from Avalon Rossignol-Tassonyi and Ellen Belshaw exists in the glorious grey space of experimenting with storytelling through melodies and horns that warp around a universal narrative. Ahead of the release of their upcoming album, Dreamt, we’re sharing an exclusive first listen of the single, “I Find, Anyways.”

Clocking in at three minutes, “I Find, Anyways” is a meticulously produced lullaby that plants its roots in gold-toned loops and horns that have the capacity to hypnotize through its sheer warmth. Sitting in a similar sonic environment as artists like like Yo La Tengo, and more recent devotees like Nap Eyes or Whitney, while other acts may rely on dialed back atmospheres to articulate discomfort, “I Find, Always” is confidant in its ability to emanate light, determined to unravel the complexities of finding your footing in the eye of a storm.

In their own words,  Rossignol-Tassonyi describes the track as the following:

“This song is inspired by thoughts around intimate relationships and the power of communication. I’m trying to create something that is thought-provoking and also has the potential to help with people’s healing, to leave them feeling good. I’m excited to share this song because it prefaces what’s to come, and shows the wide sonic palette I’ve been working with lately; a mix of acoustic, orchestral and electronic elements”

You can listen to the single “I Find, Anyways” below, and check out their upcoming tour dates with fellow Montreal locals Doffing:

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