PREMIERE: “Leiko” by Bile Sister

On her new “7” split, the Toronto artist is making socially-motivated music that you can't get out of your head.

Heather Rappard
October 3, 2018

Bile Sister is the Toronto based project of Julie Reich, who has been making waves in the avant-pop scene for over 4 years. Unafraid to experiment, reach into the unknown, and translate her vulnerability into power, Bile Sister serves up a sound  like nothing you’ve ever heard before. Now with the addition of Heloise Simone George in the live outfit, Bile Sister is set to release a split 7-inch with glitchy act bBomit via Personal Records. “I was introduced to Bbomit through Jackson at Personal Records,” Reich explained about the collab. “I love her style and song titles. We mesh well and talks of collabs in the new year. She’s cool as hell.”

About a month ago Bile Sister dropped the infectious hipshaker “Generation Steam,” one of two tracks on the split 7-inch that will both later appear on the long-awaited, yet to be titled, Bile Sister full length debut LP coming in 2019. Both tracks were also produced by Reich herself along with Josh Korody at Candle Recording, and are limited edition sneak peeks for the album. The second track in question on the split is titled “Leiko” and is a darker opposite to “Generation Steam.” While both tracks feature moving percussion, easily complementing one another,  “Leiko” reaches into a more bizarre space that grounds its feet into unsettling realities and memories, ultimately crafting together a moving piece. Reich explains the personal significance of the track below…

“Leiko is about a girl I knew in high school who disappeared with a guy and ran off to Vancouver. My friends and I were worried and planned an intervention to go find her. We never did see her again. The track is very personal and also hopefully brings awareness to young women in abusive relationships. You don’t need them, never make big life decisions with someone you barely know. The music itself I wanted to be in your face, direct, short and abrupt…. hopefully it’s accessible and grabs attention… easy and hard to soak at the same time.”








The Bile Sister & bBomit split 7-inch comes out this Friday October, 5th via Personal Record (pre-order it here). Catch Bile Sister live on tour at the dates below…

10-3 Youngstown, OH
10-5 Norfolk, VA @ Charlie’s American Cafe (TBA Productions) w/ Petra Glynt
10-6 Harrisonburg, VA @ Easy Greasy
10-7 Cincinnati, OH @ Urban Artifact
10-27 Guelph ON @ e bar (Kazoo Fest, Halloween show)


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