PREMIERE: Savannah Outen’s “Sad in the Summer”

"Sad in the Summer" is a mix of everything that sounds like the summer and basically begs you to pack up and head to the beach.

May 18, 2018

The wild wild west of YouTube circa 2007 gave us many a gift, from “The Evolutiuon of Dance” to some kid posting covers named Justin Bieber. Among Bieber’s peers in the angel-voiced Class of ’07 YouTubers hails Savannah Outen, who channeled her online success into appearances at the American Music Awards, Macy’s Day Parade, along with the most dominant chart run by an unsigned artist on Radio Disney in history via her 2008 single “Goodbyes”.

Outen is making a return to the spotlight in a big way, with her sights set on planting her flag right at the top of your next summer jam playlist. Her weapon of choice? “Sad in the Summer,” her newest single, a song sure to wriggle its way right into your head with her voice, equal parts pouty and sultry — kinda like the newest descendent of Lana Del Rey. Bursting onto a poolside-friendly tropical house beat, “Sad in the Summer” almost begs you to pack up and head to the beach.

Start your long weekend off right by listening to the song below:

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