PREMIERE: Stefana Fratila’s music video for “Swallowed Seeds”

The Romanian artist makes her directorial debut on 16mm film with her powerful retelling of the dynamics of violence in intimate relationships.

Sara Wylie
July 5, 2018

A few months after moving from to Toronto from Vancouver in 2017, multimedia artist Stefana Fratila released “Dancing,” a griping commentary on the prevalence of rape culture in the music industry that you can dance to. Talented at translating her soul into sound, Fratila is no newbie at creating art from pain. The Romanian-born composer, sound designer & DJ brings a pop sensibility to her distinct brand of experimental electronic music. Regardless of the project or form, Fratila’s work strikes an emotional chord, always open to being both vulnerable and vicious.

One year after the release of “Dancing,” Fratila returns with another impactful track titled “Swallowed Seeds,” the A side to an upcoming 7’’ she’s releasing later this month with Toronto-based electronic label Bedroomer. It’s an apt title, describing the emotions that get stuck in the pit of your stomach and the accompanying music video marks Fratila’s directorial debut. Shot on 16mm film in one-take, the haunting clip follows Fratila in a domestic dispute on the bus that leads into the street. It’s an evident visualization of the abuse and deception that can take place in intimate relationships and the music video reflects those manipulative knots we can find ourselves stuck in, struggling to escape.

Watch Stefana Fratila’s video for “Swallowed Seeds” below.

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