PREMIERE: “Summer’s Over” music video by The Techno Hall of Fame and swim good now

Another perfect example why these two have been working together for so long.

June 11, 2019

Last year, Toronto-based artist Liam Sanagan became The Techno Hall Of Fame. Looking for “a fresh start”, he started releasing an eclectic string of heartfelt songs, some in line with his previous electronic-leaning work under the moniker LUM and some completely different. His new approach was clear, he sat himself as a main character in his new music and was ready to express himself in a variety of ways.

This spring, he released a collab EP along with swim good now (who headlined our NXNE party last year Sanagan speaks about their dream partnership:

Last year, [swim good now] started sending me some demo instrumentals for fun and I started writing bits of songs on them. I was going thru a lot of changes and had a bunch of free time. It started to click and I took a few trips up north to visit him and work in his home studio. “Summer’s Over” was a tune I had half-written on guitar, I started playing it and most of the production came together in an afternoon. We have been collaborating off and on for 10 years but this time things felt very low stakes and natural. I trust his vision with production completely and I try to find ways to contribute without compromising his direction. It’s been really easy. We have just been on the same page at every step. It wasn’t really planned but we started making some heavy tunes and rolled with it.

This sort of careful, balanced collaboration describes how a song like “Summer’s Over” gets made. It continues in the vein of free-flowing artistry Sanagan has hit, telling an all too familiar tale of loneliness and longing with a sneakily-flawless vocal while swim good now’s high-energy production runs alongside as a constance reminder that life must go on. It’s a fully fleshed-out banger in itself but it also suggests a promising future for these talented performers.

Speaking about the song’s video, Sanagan says:

The Summer’s Over video started with a handheld DV camera Jon lent me. Aaron Mohr, a frequent collaborator, and I were visiting him last fall with the intention to work on some music. Jon and I documented our day making music and exploring the Bruce Peninsula.To accompany this behind the scenes footage I wanted to capture a narrative element that would compliment the meaning of the song. I was feeling like you can get so wrapped up in your own loneliness to the point where you become a caricature of yourself. The tune also ends on a quite positive note and I wanted to have this contrast of someone who paints themselves up like sad, frowning clown, but is actually smiling underneath.

You can catch Techno Hall of Fame at the A.Side x NXNE showcase on June 15th at the Drake Underground in Toronto. You can find more details here. 

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