PREMIERE: “Try” music video by L Con

L Con's newest music video lands in a place of sheer delight.

May 29, 2018

When Lisa Conway decided to step away from trip-hop collective Del Bel, she had reservations about if she still had music in her artillery for her solo project L Con. “I genuinely wasn’t sure I had any songs in me anymore, so I set out to make a low-key instrumental EP — I wanted to try and fall in love with making things again. But some of those sonic explorations started to evolve and demand vocal melodies. I gave in. ”

The result is her angular new LP, Insecurities in Being which. An avant-pop accomplishment from an artist with years of experience under her belt, the album is anchored by the firm assurance of Conway’s vocals, resilient and sure over expansive cosmic melodies. In her new music video for “Try”, unlike the Migos imagination of sports, L Con’s take on recreation shifts the gear into manual, relying on roller skates and steerable sleds for entertainment rather than competition.

Similar to rewatching old VHS videos of ordinary moments, or better yet, stumbling upon footage of a life light-years away from your own, “Try” paints a visual landscape that brings to life a particular experience on the coast or hinterland, that feels acutely familiar, even if you don’t necessarily have a frame of reference for it. It’s goofy and weird and an absolute delight, layering humour and whimsy over desolate places that reinforce why it feels so good to be alone, in the company of others. As L Con and company slide down dusty hills and across sandbanks, you can’t help but wish you were along for the ride.

In her own words, she describes making the video as an exercise of opportunity and spontaneity:

“Andrew and I inherited a hand-me-down VHS camera—the one from Back to the Future—and I finally sourced tapes for it from eBay. It was just asking to be used for something, and I had it in my head that I needed to make a GT snow racer / tobogganing video. We had a real cold snowy winter this year, but obviously the snow managed to mostly disappear for our shoot day, which was actually kind of fitting for the spirit of this song. We took our GTs to the beach, and sand tobogganing was born. This song was birthed from a place of feeling hopeless and exhausted and overwhelmed but it was important to me to make something that involved joy and spontaneity and friendship and honesty.”

You can watch the full video below:


And listen to Insecurities in Full here:

You can catch L Con on June 1st at the Jam Factory in Toronto for her release show with LAL, Pantayo


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