PREMIERE: “Unthink You” by Eadie

The rising Toronto vocalist delivers a subtle emotional gut punch on the tribulations of willing a past relationship out of existence.

November 2, 2018

If you’re looking for something to fight the cold of a November morning,  Eadie, the rising 23-year old vocalist from Toronto is probably the antidote you’ve been looking for. Her newest track “Unthink You”­­ is a self-proclaimed anthem inspired by an auto-amputation from a relationship that she describes as an “intense desire I have to literally tear a piece of my memory apart.” Over its three and a half minutes, “Unthink You” is proof that the singer has figured out the formula for delivering an emotional gut punch so subtle that you’re already on your back by the time you realize that you’ve been hit.

It’s this balance of smoothness and sharpness, a bold approach with the confidence to pull back when she wants, which makes Eadie a one-of-a-kind threat amongst her R&B contemporaries: a less cryptic Billie Eilish, or a more intimate Adele. Produced by Marc Majore, “Unthink You” succeeds in showcasing the duplicity of Eadie’s craft. There’s the emotional frustration that this song is borne from, executed with a finesse that makes it clear she has it all under control.  In her own words, “Unthink You” is a companion to those nights where you can escape your second guesses:

I want people to play this song when they’re alone; when they can’t get their regrets and lost loves out of their head. There are some relationships that you just can’t shake off! All you can do is wish that you could simply remove this person from your memories; that you could sleep sound again, that you could focus… and live unbothered.

You can check out “Unthink You” below.

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