PREMIERE: “You Can Have” music video by Tre Mission

The Toronto rapper's new video, which pays homage to his neighborhood of Don Mills and Victoria Park, feels like an instructional video for how the song should be enjoyed: during delicate in-between moments preceding a night out.

March 6, 2019

Of the many things Toronto is known for, the city’s distinct cultural, ethnic, and social expressions, often thriving alongside one another, is easily the most cited. Since breaking onto the scene in 2010, Toronto rapper Tre Mission, by way of high-profile collaborations and Juno and Polaris Prize nominations, has made it his responsibility to reflect the city’s dynamic spirit back to itself with a stylistic flair that straddles the line between a breathless collection of sub-genres and influences, and a sound exclusively of its own design. Tre sports a musical resume as wide-ranging as the city he claims, having opened for everyone from Kendrick to Kaytranada and pulled his own weight alongside collabs with grime heavyweights such as Skepta and JME to his own London-based collective, Tizzy Gang. His evolution towards a more fluid and irreverent sound—reflected across the grime-influenced single “Hockey,” or the devilishly menacing Stigmata cut “Boy in the Corner”—is what makes “You Can Have” another standout.

Tre’s latest music video conjures up a woozy, weekend-ready vibe and shots of Tre and Co. passing blunts across the dimming Toronto skyline, resulting in a  homecoming of sorts for the rapper, and a love letter to Toronto on its 185th birthday. Directed Ahmed Ahmed & Clinford Browne, the video pays homage to the neighborhood of Don Mills and Victoria Park where Mission grew up and ultimately, comes off as an instructional video of the song should be enjoyed and consumed: during delicate in-between moments preceding a night out, when you’re a single text message away from being surrounded by the team that props you up.

“You Can Have” is a homecoming for the rapper. Though Mission dropped a collaborative album, Opps Next Door, with Tizzy Gang in 2017, “You Can Have” is part of the first wave of full-length solo Mission material we’ve had since 2014’s Stigmata.  Needless to say, we couldn’t be happier to have him back. “You Can Have” is the second single from Tre Mission’s upcoming album, Orphan Black, which drops later this year on Last Gang Records.

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