Prince’s favourite colour wasn’t actually purple

According to Prince's sister, everything we thought we knew about his colour preference was wrong.

August 30, 2017

A little over a year ago, not only did we lose one of the most iconic artists of all time—obviously we’re talking about Prince, we also lost one of the greatest colour appreciators of modern times. Sorry,  Jay-Z, but Prince owned purple like he owned 80’s funk  and LinnDrum sidestick fills, and his love for the colour is as central to the Prince monomyth as R-rated lyrical content and white lace outfits.

It’s now come to light, though, that even as synonymous as purple was with Prince, it wasn’t even his favourite, as per a quote from Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson in a new interview the Evening Standard about an upcoming memorabilia auction:


“The stand out piece for me is his orange Cloud guitar. It is strange because people always associate the colour purple with Prince, but his favourite colour was actually orange.”

Orange? I could understand if it was another canonically sexy colour, like say pink, most shades of red, or even aquamarine, but orange? That’s usually one of what what we charitably refer to as “the second-string colours”. Tyka Nelson’s revelation does make a lot of sense though, if you consider past photos of Prince over the years:

Looks like even after his passing, Prince is still confounding everything we thought we knew about the man and his music. Let’s just be glad he didn’t go with Orange Rain, though, which sounds like some kind of sugar-free energy drink.

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