Prog rock band 4:44 names their new EP Jay-Z

Shameless marketing technique? Absolutely. But they're owning it.

July 28, 2017

Most modern prog rock bands aren’t exactly masters of marketing—the audience for spaceship-and-centaur album art has gone way down since 1971—but that’s not something New Jersey prog stalwarts 4:44 have to worry about.

Back at the end of June, Jay-Z released his thirteenth solo album 4:44, apparently titled after Jay woke up at 4:44 AM one morning and started recording (although, the jury’s still out on that). Upon hearing the title of the new Sean Carter jam, 4:44 the band knew they had been presented with a unique marketing opportunity, and so they wasted no time in calling their new four song EP Jay-Z.

Show your appreciation for extremely savvy marketing stunts, as well as proggy, space-out riffs, by visiting 4:44’s Facebook page here.

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