Did RuPaul steal music from Azealia Banks?

Banks took to twitter to air her grievances.

Santiago Felipe/LOGO
June 4, 2018

If there’s one thing people should have learned by now, it’s not to mess with Azealia Banks. The fierce rapper has a long and seemingly constant string of tiffs and feuds with other artists, just last week coming at Cardi B and prompting her to take down her Instagram page. After taking a breather for a couple of days, Banks is already back, with her new target being overseer of Drag Races and apparent plagiarist RuPaul.

The beef surfaced this past Saturday, with Banks unleashing a fury of tweets aimed at RuPaul, accusing his song “Call Me Mother,” from his album American, of lifting from her jam “The Big Big Beat.” After these allegations surfaced, American disappeared from Spotify.

Banks claims, with some of her trademark shade thrown in for good measure, that the removal comes from Spotify ruling that RuPaul’s “Call Me Mother” is indeed a ripoff of “The Big  Big Beat,” with Apple Music currently litigating the song and deciding whether or not to follow suit:

RuPaul has yet to speak publicly on these accusations – however according to Azealia he has attempted to privately speak to her, and she isn’t having any of it:

This news comes in advance of Azealia Banks’ performance at this year’s NXNE festival, where you can hear Banks in all her un-plagiarized glory.

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