This interview with Drag Race’s Naomi Smalls and Cardi B is a gift

Two reigning queens teach us everything we need to know about shedding BS and being fierce as hell.

February 27, 2018

Today we learned that dreams come true and miracles happen. In a match that could only have emerged from the same glitter-soaked Heaven that gave us Louboutins and Fashion Nova, RuPaul’s Drag Race runner up Naomi Smalls interviewed the Love & Hip Hop queen herself, Cardi B. From Smalls recreation of Cardi’s iconic leatherette look in “Bodak Yellow” to Cardi B explaining that her #1 deal breaker in a relationship is guys who fool around with their ex, the interview feels like both a guidebook to living fiercely as it’s a sit down between two of the hottest queens in the game.

Here are a few of our favourite takeaways:

Cardi B was a class clown in high school and won her high school award for post dramatic.

She doesn’t like when she dates a guy and they don’t understand the beauty of the garment.

And yes, she’s still with Offset. She likes his sexy face, his mouth and his demeanour and as of right now,  they’re still looking at a 2019 wedding. Obviously, people can’t get enough.

You can check out the full in all of its snatched glory interview below.

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