Shania Twain is a gem on Twitter

"That does impress us much" - us, going through Shania Twain's Twitter timeline.

May 24, 2017

A lot of work goes into creating and maintaining an effective personal brand. Who among us hasn’t spent hours crafting the perfect Tweet or Facebook status, only to delete them 15 minutes later in a fit of shame when they get less engagement than ouΒ aunt’s Candy Crush updates?

Musicians or any kind of aspiring public figures are under more pressure than most to deliver the social media goods, and some are better at it than others. Some people, though, are just complete naturals, and after a few minutes going through her timeline, it looks like we can now confirm Shania Twain is one of ’em:

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Those puns!

You can’t teach this kind of brand acumen, no matter what targeted sidebar ads might say. Guess we should all become superstar pop-country icons, then worry about our updates.

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