Shawn Mendes is a huge Harry Potter nerd

We'd probably sort him into Hufflepuff.

June 5, 2018

Shawn Mendes has spent the last couple of years casting a spell over our collective hearts, winning us over with his heartfelt earworms and boy-next-door-charm – and after a Carpool Karaoke segment from last night’s Late Late Show With James Corden, it turns out Mendes’ magical aura isn’t just a coincidence: Shawn is a Hogwarts hopeful.

The Canadian singer revealed, between his soundtracking of L.A. traffics jams with signature cuts such as ‘”n My Blood” and “Mercy,” that he’s a huge Harry Potter nerd — even going so far claim ownership of a homemade spellbook inspired by the magic from the series.

And if that wasn’t cute enough evidence of his undying devotion to the Potterverse, while explaining his fandom, Mendes slowly—but dorkily—transforms into the titular wizard himself, complete with scar, glasses, and Gryffindor robes (although let’s be honest, this unabashed geekiness might indicate that Mendes is more of a Hufflepuff).

Even though Mendes might be at the top of the pop star food chain these days, he admits to still getting occasionally starstruck, if only because of this undying love of all things Potter. The singer described a run-in with Emma Watson as one of the few moments where he was “really, really starstruck” — “I was definitely sweating a bit, but I think I played it cool,” he bragged from underneath his Dumbledore cosplay.

Watch Corden and Mendes’ ‘Carpool Karaoke’ sesh, which also saw the pair channeling their inner road rage and ice hockey talents, below:

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