Shawn Mendes is happy for Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber

He had some thoughts on their recently announced engagement: “Everybody wants there to be more – there’s not.”

July 20, 2018

Shawn Mendes is hard not to love, with everyone from Nick Jonas to Morgan Freeman making their hard stanning for the Canadian singer known. Among those famous friends is a recently-engaged young woman who goes by the name of Hailey Baldwin ­– and, in a recent interview, Mendes made it clear that that despite Daniel Caesar dates and Met Gala plus-ones, him and Hailey are exactly just that: friends.

Just because Shawn isn’t going to run into Bieber and Baldwin’s wedding with a dramatically-timed “I object!” doesn’t mean he can’t be happy for his friend though, with the singer having made sure to have shot off a congrats text in Baldwin’s direction upon the announcement of her engagement. The potential of any lingering romance between Baldwin and him wasn’t the only fire he put out, with Mendes being quite adamant that any sort of fistfight between him and Mr. Bieber will never exist as anything more than some pretty weird fanfiction: “Everybody wants there to be more – there’s not.”

Watch Mendes talk about his friendship with Baldwin, along with his new album, below:

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