Sheck Wes accused of stalking, abuse by Justine Skye; he denies allegations

In a series of tweets, the singer detailed an alleged history of violence: “you’re pathetic sheck and you beat women. You hit your girl before me and you’ll do it again.”

February 12, 2019

On Monday night, New York rapper Rapper Sheck Wes (born Khadimou Rassoul Cheikh Fall) accusations resurfaced from singer Justine Skye, accusing Wes of both stalking and violence toward her and her friends.

Further elaborating on the situation, Skye claimed that the campaign to discredit her was part of a campaign to smear and silence the singer as means of hiding Wes’ past history of abuse:

Skye’s allegations date back in October when Skye appeared in an interview Entertainment Tonight where she opened up about her experiences with abusive and toxic relationships. Though she opted not to specify names at the time, if yesterday’s events are anything to go by, it seems to have only escalated situations with her alleged abuser – and led to her coming clean.

After Skye called out Wes for his behavior online, though, the rapper took to Twitter this morning to officially deny both the jumping incident and any past history of abuse he may have incurred upon her; claiming his silence regarding the issue over the past several months to have come “out of respect for actual victims of abuse”:

Though the cultural milieu has grown more open about its struggles with gender-based violence and abuse, some are unfortunately still all too eager to cling to the narrow and dismissive mantra of “innocent until proven guilty.” Despite Sheck’s dismissing of her claims, Justine Skye has evidence which she alleges shows otherwise. Later this morning, following Wes’ statement of denial, Skye took to Twitter to share what she claims to be evidence of their past toxic relationship—including a security video of Wes hopping her fence and a screen-grab of Skye fearfully texting a friend for help:

In addition to the evidence Skye presented, a Twitter user discovered tweets from yesterday directed at Skye, from a fan who witnessed the attack and offered the singer and her friends help over Twitter:

Wes and his representatives have yet to further comment on the incident.

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