SHUFFLE: Milk & Bone have a blast taking us through their phones

Watch Milk & Bone shuffle through their music libraries.

January 11, 2018

You know that moment between coming out of a dream and waking up?  Milk & Bone do, and have made it their mission to bring that moment to life with music that pulsates through your most intimate emotions, and feels as delicately created as a pastel coloured macaroon.

The duo recently stopped by our studio for a chat, and while they were there, we we got them to whip out their phones, hit shuffle, and tell us about the songs that came up. While their own music might follow a clearly defined sound, their music taste  expands into the catalogues of beloved singer-songwriters and the brightest bops from stratospheric pop singers.

Looking for more Milk & Bone? Check out how they put together their slow-burning beast of a title track “Deception Bay” for Bluesound’s “A Sound in the Making” and try to resist trying out their techniques yourself.

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