Someone rejected an on-air wedding proposal from Shawn Mendes

We're scratching our heads.

April 25, 2018

Shawn Mendes is guy who seems to know a thing or two about love: whether it’s infatuation or heartbreak, chances are the Canadian singer has probably cut a track about it. That romantic savvy-ness, however, seemed to be lacking during a recent appearance on UK radio show, where Mendes fell victim to a Ashton-Kutcher-worthy punking that saw the singer basking in the awkwardness of a botched on-air marriage proposal.

Appearing on Capital FM, Mendes was asked by a pretend fan/real actor to propose on his behalf to his fiancé via FaceTime over the radio. Mendes seemed honoured to pop the question… Until the fiancé’s response, which, described generously, was one of utter disgust.

The couple’s a fight over the fact that it wasn’t the boyfriend who proposed is soundtracked by Mendes’ beautiful, uncomfortable silence, before the FaceTime call abruptly ends. Kudos to Shawn though, who managed overcome the all-around mist of cringe hanging over the situation to offer some comfort to the man before the big reveal of it all being a prank.

It wouldn’t be surprising for a small cottage industry of Shawn Mendes-assisted wedding proposals to pop off, given his performance here, as it seems that regardless of whether the question is met with enthusiasm or repulsion, Mr. Mendes has got your back.

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