Son pranks mom with Ed Sheeran Photoshop

She asked for an Ed Sheeran picture. He photoshopped it. She didn't notice... and then she framed it.

July 14, 2017

You know you’ve made it as a popular, demographic-spanning singer-songwriter when technology-impaired moms and Ur-Moms (grandmas) are asking their children for internet pictures of you so they can frame them and place them in their homes. Yep, that’s the status now accorded to everyone’s favourite ginger heartthrob Ed Sheeran, apparently, as evidenced by a request made on Twitter to social media pro and Weird Twitter mainstay @dubstep4dads. Pro Funny Internet Personalities have to take every opportunity to troll, but never more so than when it’s towards a family member, so you can guess the general thrust of what happened next:

It went so well:

Detail shot:

Man, the “shape of you” in that “photograph” isn’t looking too good (sorry, but you know we had to do it). No one ever went broke betting against the obliviousness of the average mom, so let’s hope that photo maintains it’s place of honour for a long time to come.

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