St. Vincent’s covers of Tool and Pantera are almost better than the originals

We're going to admit, it's pretty beautiful.

June 11, 2018

St. Vincent’s musical output blends together a wide variety of genres – from baroque-ian art rock to dance-able synth pop – so it’s no surprise that her musical taste is just as varied, with this diversity on full display during a recent appearance on BBC Radio 6. The Artist Known as Annie Clark blew minds when she performed surprisingly beautiful acoustic mini-renditions of guitar riffs she claims to have wished to have written: Pantera’s “Cowboys From Hell” and Tool’s “Forty Six & 2”.

Although Clark only gives us a hint of what could’ve happened if her and Dimebag Darrell would’ve crossed paths, she shows her affection for Tool by launching into an all-but-full-on cover of the Ænima track (which she refers to as “My Shadow”), her vocals wrapping around the brooding clang of her acoustic guitar to make for an unexpectedly great cover that leaves you with an emotion you’d never thought of experiencing in this life: burning desire for a St. Vincent/Tool collab.

Check out the video below:

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