Subway full of New Yorkers burst into Boyz II Men song


July 9, 2017

Usually the last thing anyone wants on the subway is to have to listen to someone else’s music, let alone someone actually performing. Like, have you ever taken your headphones out at rush our and just listened? It’s eerily quiet. And perfect. But there’s an exception here: When an entire subway car breaks out into Boys II Men’s “End of the Road,” and furthermore totally fucking nails it, you sit back and appreciate (assuming you aren’t joining in yourself). That exact thing happened on New York’s F Train and we’re really mad to have missed it. They even hit the harmonies!

Shout out to this dude just kind of caught in the middle.

He starts off a little confused, but he’s vibing by the end of it.

Meanwhile this guy’s having THE TIME OF HIS LIFE:

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