SZA takes to Twitter to accuse Sephora of racial profiling

“Lmao Sandy Sephora location 614 Calabasas called security to make sure I wasn’t stealing.“

May 1, 2019

Whether it’s at a Starbucks or a music festival, the racial profiling experienced by countless Black musicians continues to be a problem, no matter how many Grammys you have under your belt. Just this week, SZA took to Twitter to share her recent experiences of being accused of stealing while shopping at a Sephora.

The singer was shopping at a location of the beauty store in California’s Calabasas neighbourhood when she found herself accosted by a fellow customer she dubbed “Sandy Sephora”, who called security on SZA to make sure that she wasn’t stealing.

Ironically enough, copping her Fenty in peace should be one of the things that, more than nearly anyone else, SZA has permission to do: in addition to having once worked for the chain of make-up stores, the singer has also modeled for Rihanna’s popular beauty line.

And as if this unfortunate situation didn’t have enough coincidence to it already, fans were quick to point out an unreleased outro to her song “Anything”, from 2017’s CTRL, which features the lyrics “Fuck Sephora/I love Sephora/Just cannot afford the things up in there”:

Her fanbase reacted with more than just digging through unreleased tracks, though, with the Calabasas store already experiencing the review-bombing it deserves. Fans were quick to leave a flurry of one-star reviews in the name of SZA, calling out its security and their “disrespectful and disgusting behavior” and eventually forcing the store to remove their listing from Google:

After the whole debacle, though, this story does have somewhat of a sparkly ending, with SZA revealing that, peacefully or not, she did manage to cop her Fenty:

While Sephora has yet to issue a statement or apology to the singer over the situation, the experience should be enough for SZA rework her unreleased song about the chain for a fitting diss track.

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