T-Pain wrote this high schooler’s yearbook quote

We could have used T-Pain's help when we were in high school...

June 12, 2017

About to graduate from high school and in desperate need of a yearbook quote, and someone already took all the good Einstein and astronaut ones? Don’t worry, just turn to T-Pain through the magic of social media, and you’ll be good to go. Just ask until-recently-high schooler Gabriel Silvan of Covington, Washington, who waited a whole six months to double down on some graduation inspiration from his idol:

Of course, that quote, while awesome, is not a completely original T-Pain creation: that phrase was coined by former Cubs and Yankees left-handed slugger Oscar Gamble in 1975, reportedly when asked about the management of the New York Yankees, and started the process of being meme’d into oblivion about five years ago, according to Know Your Meme.

For his part, T-Pain seems pretty impressed Silvan went the distance:

A slow clap from T-Pain is more than most of us will ever get from the living avatar of Auto-Tune, so we should all slow-applaud young Gabe, whose follow-through in keeping his social media promises will surely see him onto a bright full of Good Viral Content.

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