Taylor Swift knows she’s a snake

What's Taylor Swift teasing? The truth.

August 22, 2017

Taylor Swift is teasing… something.

After the much publicized wipe of her social networks late last week, the music world’s been speculating. All bets are on new music, which has been rumoured for a minute now. But then Tay-Tay started getting cryptic.

Yesterday, we wondered if she was going to try to out-do the Solar Eclipse when she posted this video:

This morning, she shared this one:

And so we still don’t have clear answers, at least not when it concerns new music. But here’s what we do know. Here’s what she is teasing…

The truth.

Because in the last year, Taylor’s gotten herself a bit of a reputation. When Kim Kardashian West shared those legendary Snaps, she exposed Taylor for what she really is. A s-s-s-snake.

And you know what? It looks like Taylor knows it.


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