Teenager charged after playing XXXTentacion in church

He faces three charges, including mischief to religious property, disturbing a religious service, and breach of recognizance.

August 17, 2017

The edgiest music you’d expect to hear at a church service would, most likely, be MxPx’s “Far Away.” But one thing you wouldn’t expect to hear in a place of worship? XXXTentacion’s breakout track, “Look at Me.”

But that’s exactly what happened to Brampton’s St. Eugene Mazenod Church on August 9th. According to the Brampton Guardian, a church service was interrupted when two well-dressed teens allegedly entered through a side door and grabbed a seat at the front of service. Eventually, they stormed the lectern, held up a phone up to the microphone, and blasted “Look at Me,” likely filling up the church’s hallowed halls with lyrics like “Just got a pound of that boof, aye / Brought that shit straight to the booth, aye.”

Indeed, the two teens brought XXXTentacion to the confession booth. And here was the reaction of the attendees.

We’re barely editorializing, here. In fact, parishioners could barely, ahem, keep their dicks in their pants.

“To the people attending, all they heard were profanities blaring in the most sacred space they have,” said one churchgoer.

“They felt deeply threatened,” another parishioner said, describing the feeling of those in attendance.

But the teens—who can’t be named under Canada’s Youth Criminal Justice Act—didn’t go unscathed. The police were called immediately, and the church detained the rap-loving teens until the authorities arrived. One of the men, 16, has been faces three charges, including mischief to religious property, disturbing a religious service, and breach of recognizance, according to reports.

Those charges, however, pale in comparison to XXXTentacion’s criminal charges. The rapper, born Jahseh Onfroy, saw his profile rise while he was in prison, and has faced charges including robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment, and battery of a pregnant victim, alleged to be his expecting girlfriend. The cover art for “Look at Me,” in fact, is one of his many mugshots.

In the meantime, here’s the song itself. Just don’t go blasting it at any religious gatherings.

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