The alleged abusive “emo sex cult” of musician William Control exposed

Multiple women have come forward with allegations against the former Aiden frontman.

June 23, 2018

Please be advised that this article includes details of violence that may be troubling to readers. 

Numerous reports have surfaced detailing the actions of William Francis – the former frontman of prominent mid-00s emo band Aiden who currently performs under the stage name “William Control” – of grooming girls, often beginning while they were underage, for highly abusive relationships under the guise of “BDSM.”

Control’s victims describe these relationships as revolving around assorted types of abuse, including “slave contracts” signed in the victims’ own blood, Control branding the victims’ bodies – often their genitals – with his initials, and non-consensual sex.

Though Control’s actions were all conducted under the umbrella of BDSM, one of his victims claims that his actions quickly escalated “from crossing lines of consent to total physical annihilation”, detailing that “basically he just beats the shit out of you and brainwashes you to believe your sole purpose is to serve him and to worship him and that’s your job.” Though none of the reports claim any sexual abuse occurred while the victims were underage, a consistent detail in the stories involve Control beginning to develop these relationships when victims were as young as 14.

A pattern of gross physical abuse is present in nearly all accounts – “He collapsed my throat, dislocated my jaw, he gave me black eyes, a contusion to my spine,” one individual writes ­­­­– but Control’s manipulations also extend to “financial domination”, with one of his accusers detailing how Control forced her over three years to hand over a sum of $100,00 for “the future he had been planning for me.” Another victim explains how Control forced her into sex work to financially support him: “He had me camming and I was a dominatrix and I was a sugar baby, and he put me out all over on these websites to make him money. I’d send him money constantly.”

Control, who has denied these allegations, recently went about “shutting everything down completely” by disappearing off of social media, though Washington police did confirm that a case against the musician does exist.

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