The Fugees just put out a new song. No, seriously!


July 15, 2017

UPDATE: The song is apparently not new. Whatever. It’s new to us!

Original story below:

Well ain’t this a surprise! After years of rumours and literal decades apart, the Fugees—Pras, Wyclef Jean and Lauryn Hill—are back with their first new song together in forever.

Yeah, the trio reunited with “Take It Easy,” but that was back in 2005, and it was part of a rumoured new album that we never got. It’s 2017 now, a full 21 years since The Score, and ho-ly shit did we need this.

This stream sounds like it was recorded on a flip phone and, given that it’s a Funkmaster Flex Premiere, you can expect a ton of gratuitous yelling, but STILL. NEW FUGEES. WYCLEF, WHAT’S CRACKING?!

If we had more details, we’d share ‘em. For now, just sit back and enjoy.

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