The legendary Spice World tour bus is becoming a museum

Now's your chance to get an up close look a Victoria Beckam's iconic "Wannabe" dress.

July 23, 2018

Good news for those who’ve felt their lives to be a tad flavourless as of late: the chance to spice up your life on an unprecedented level has presented itself in SPICEUP,  “the biggest touring exhibition of Spice Girls memorabilia in the world.”

Though the exhibit is a travelling one, plans for its tour don’t extend beyond the borders of the UK – but that doesn’t mean an overseas flight isn’t out of the question if you’re an especially Spicy superfan, with the exhibit offering a once-in-a-lifetime concentration of artifacts straight from Spice World, including “hundreds of iconic costume pieces from the Spice Girls heyday as well as many thousands of items of merchandise and memorabilia,” not to mention themed dance classes and bus tours.

Speaking of buses, another reason you’re gonna Wannabe there: a chance to peak inside the iconic Spicebus for the first time ever, though we’d reckon it might not as big on the inside as Spice World made it look.

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