The Spice Girls announce reunion tour, without Victoria

Tickets for the first set of shows featuring the reunited Spice Girls – minus Victoria Beckham – go on sale this Friday.

November 5, 2018

2018 may be shaping up to be a notably un-Spicy year, but it seems that everyone’s favourite army of singalong nostalgia bombs know when they’re needed, with Scary Spice herself, Mel B, letting it slip this morning that for the first time in over ten years, the Spice Girls will tour again – albeit looking a little less Posh than we’re used to, with Victoria Beckham declining to join in on the reunion shenanigans.

Though they may be Beckham-less, Mel B seems confident that the full-five will be taking the stage by some point in their tour, admitting that though Beckham’s “got a full on life with her commitments and the fashion line and her kids so she’s not committing just yet,” she’s “hoping it’ll change” and “still determined it will be five at one point.”

Tickets for the opening U.K. leg of the reunion tour go on sale this Friday, so if you’re looking to catch the Spice Girls while they have the home-field advantage, you better start lining up. For those outside of the U.K. though, not to worry – Mel B and her lack of secret-keeping skills have your back, with the singer letting it slip that that when it comes to the question of if they’ll make any international appearances, she confirmed that “we are. I’m in trouble again. I didn’t like to say that, but we’ll go everywhere else in the world.”

This imminent return of the Spice Girls marks the first opportunity for fans to Spice up their life since the original five’s 2007-2008 international reunion tour; a reunion that Mel B opened up about having to cut short due to her personal struggles at the time: “I wasn’t in a very good space with my marriage and I didn’t feel I could go on any more, living in this fake world with my marriage, so I said I can’t go on.”

Keep your eyes peeled, as more info is set to emerge later this afternoon, with an official announcement of the reunion reportedly slated to drop around 3p.m.

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