The vibe is right with Calvin Harris’s “Feels”

Calvin Harris just released his third straight song of the summer.

June 27, 2017

It feels weird to say that a Scottish-native is cornering the market on tropical house, but then, Calvin Harris has always been about hyperbole. At 23, he released his first album and wildly proclaimed I Created Disco, a stunning boast given that the genre had allegedly been dead for about 30 years prior.

But this isn’t a missive on whether it’s okay for someone from the British Isles to appropriate the sound he’s running with—there’ll be plenty of time for that when his album drops later this week. For now, we just want to share dude’s new video, which features Pharrell, Katy Perry and Big Sean, because—and pardon this next phrase, because we’re quoting the track—it’s giving us… the feels.

Because listen: Harris’s new sound is derivative, but it’s also just so, so, so good. “Feels” is the first video off the upcoming Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 and while we don’t know how to feels about that title, we do know it’s our least favourite of the three songs he’s released thus far, and we still love it.

That’s not an indictment on it, either; with it’s wavy keys, plunking bass lines and ska-infused upstrokes, we aren’t sure whether to skank, strut or pop to it. But that confusion’s hitting us in a good way. The vibe is right in the video, too; Big Sean and his parrots; Pharrell on the boat; Katy Perry’s weave; the bright, infrared colours and Gilligan’s Island on mushrooms aesthetic; it just screams summer, and only a monster could have that.

Basically, the song is good. Don’t be afraid to catch feels. Listen to it up top if you aren’t already.

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