This artist just reimagined your favourite musicians as ’80s popstars and it’s fantastic

Count on Melbourne-based artist Fulvio A. Obregón for your daily dose of nostalgia.

March 21, 2019

From Stranger Things to Toto’s “Africa” returning to the charts, it’s no secret that we’re all working through a bit of a crush that we’ve come to develop for the neon-hued vibes of the 80’s. Melbourne, Australia-based artist Fulvio A. Obregón has taken this crush all the way to third base with a series of works reimagining your favourite musicians of today with a fresh coat of day-glo paint thrown atop them.

The series of artworks—appropriately-titled “The 2080’s”—gives everyone from Bieber to Beyoncé the three-decade throwback treatment complete with poofy mullets, oversize earrings, and, of course, that dreamy 80’s popstar stare. This isn’t the first time Obregón has mined pop culture’s past for artistic inspiration, with “The 2080’s” following a series from 2015-16 entitled “Me & My Other Me” which depicts cultural icons ranging from Mick Jagger to Steve Jobs posing with younger versions of themselves.

If you’re eager to take a trip to the Obregón’s 2080s, don’t worry about securing a time machine – just check out the gallery above.

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