This baby shouts “TURN IT OFF!” when her mom plays Ed Sheeran

So much for ginger solidarity.

October 6, 2017

Ed Sheeran’s probably done more for the worldwide popularity of redheads than most—actually, there’s no “probably” about it—but that doesn’t mean all gingers automatically give him a pass. Just watch what happens when Ada-Rose Hughes, age 2, hears the opening seconds of various tracks from Divide:

via DailyMail. Watch the full video here:

Ouch. Not exactly a stellar album review, but we’re sure even Ed Sheeran would have a laugh at it.

“I put the CD on to see her reaction and filmed it for her dad to see if it was just one of those things that morning or she didn’t like his music,” Ada’s mother Tracy Hughes said. “It did crack me up—made me laugh so much. I didn’t know she was going to react like that. She was absolutely fine when I put her in the car but when I put the music on she was not happy.”

Not to fret, Sheerios—this tot might not love Ed, but plenty of other rugrats are big (little) fans.

H/T DailyMail UK

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