This is how artists are reacting to the death of Lil Peep

The rising soundcloud rapper passed away at 21.

November 16, 2017

Earlier this morning, rising New York rapper Gustav Åhr  who performed under the moniker, Lil Peep passed away. Åhr grew up in Long Beach, New York, was reportedly taken to hospital following an overdose, according to music manager Adam Grandmaison. The New York rapper, closely associated with the “soundcloud rap” scene rose to prominence with tracks  with his unique blend of both emo and rap. His tracks “White Wine,” “Benz Truck,” “Awful Things” and “The Way I See Things” all received millions of views on YouTube. His death has not been confirmed. Åhr was 21 years old.

Artists from every corner of the industry have taken to Twitter to express their condolences.

Lil Yahty


Lil Pump

Post Malone


Lil B


Sam Smith

Charli XCX

Pete Wentz


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