This rapper perfectly recaps Game of Thrones

Brace yourself, bars are coming.

June 1, 2017

Is there anything Game of Thrones fandom can’t infiltrate? Even the LCBO is getting in on that sweet, sweet Westeros action. Ever since the hyper-popular show premiered back in 2011, no cultural sphere has been safe from the swords n’ dragons treatment, and naturally that includes hip-hop…lots and lots of hip hop. Some of it’s even pretty decent!

The show is returning for its penultimate, seven-episode season on July 16, and just in case you were looking for a unusual, engaging recap to get back into the (overly bloody) swing of things, rap legend Rass Kass has got you covered with, as he puts it, a “lyrical Red Wedding” that pulls double duty as a comprehensive GoT season 6 recap and a pretty solid boom-bap throwback.

Featuring A+ couplets like “Walder Frey eats himself / Then Arya slit his neck, she creeps with stealth”, the four minute song is the perfect way to get ready for July. Let’s just hope we get a stronger Arya plot than last seasons’.

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