Singing parrot’s Rihanna cover is unbelievable

This parrot sings Rihanna's hook on Eminem's Monster beautifully.

February 23, 2017

Members of the psittacoidea family have been charming and delighting humanity ever since we found out, hey, those hilarious birds will say anything you teach them ad nauseam, and the advent of YouTube only compounded things. Still, even though the internet is home to approximately 400 trillion funny parrot videos, we’re willing to bet that this will be the first time you see one nailing Rihanna’s parts of “Monster,” synced up to perfection thanks to Redditor Ursinarium:

Yep, another legend has entered the funny parrot video pantheon. Now all we need is a cockatoo doing Beyoncé, and we’ve officially entered the promised era of Peak Parrot. Oh, great. We’re all set then.

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