Travis Scott is giving away $100,000 over Twitter

Who needs HQ when you have Travis Scott.

August 15, 2018

Astroworld, the latest from Travis Scott, may have catapulted the rapper into outer space with a #1 debut, but now you too can feel like a baller, courtesy of Scott himself – or, at least his bank account. Scott shot off a tweet last night, urging fans to tweet their favourite Astroworld lyrics to him in exchange for cold hard cash, announcing in his signature caps-lock cadence that “I KNOW ITS HARD FOR THE KIDS SO I DECIDED TO UNLOAD MY BANK ACCOUNT ON U GUYS.”

Though Scott isn’t the most reliable of rappers these days ­– his headlining Osheaga set, which didn’t start until after it was scheduled to end, even prompted one fan to sue the festival ­– it appears the Owl Pharoah has already begun to deliver on his promise, with both Scott and his stans alike posting evidence to Twitter that the rapper has already started sliding into their Cashapp DMs:

No word yet as to how much of the $100,000 pot has been claimed, so if you’re looking to cop some spare beer money from the cloutiest source possible, it still might be worth it to slide into Scott’s replies.

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