Twitter is reimagining Trump tweets as Smash Mouth lyrics

Making the best of a bad situation.

July 26, 2017

Twitter has increasingly become a carousel of depressing news. It’s impossible to spend more than five seconds on the app without seeing a soul-crushing development, and it’s enough to make one want to delete their account altogether. Or reimagine Donald Trump’s buffoonery online as Smash Mouth fandom.

Drumpf’s hilarious overuse of scare quotes was repurposed by @DannyPage to make it look like the sociopath-in-chief was tweeting lyrics to “All Star.”

Of course, the quotation marks are fabricated. This is how far we have to go to experience some fleeting joy and pleasure in this world. Someone please keep doing this so we can chuckle again for a few seconds.

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Until then, give yourself a four-minute break from daily misery to indulge in the finer things in life:

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