Vanessa Hudgens walked into glass door while filming Shawn Hook’s “Reminding Me”

Shawn Hook takes us behind the scenes of his smash hit 'Reminding Me'.

July 6, 2017

Nelson, B.C’s own Shawn Hook has had a whirlwind career so far: he’s done everything from appearing on the Today show, to earning a Juno nomination, to breaking a Guinness World Record (for longest time spent standing on an exercise ball).

He’s also coming off his biggest song yet, the Vanessa Hudgens accompanied “Reminding Me.” If you’ve seen it, the video is stunning. Shot at James Goldstein’s iconic LA mansion (famous for its appearance in The Big Lebowski, among other things), its the perfect blend of beautiful people and beautiful architecture. And when Shawn Hook us took us behind the video, we learned that one of those beautiful people collided with that beautiful architecture in the most literal of fashions.

Yep, Vanessa Hudgens, normally known for her style and grace (not to mention voice) accidentally walked right into a glass wall while filming. OUCH!

Watch Hook take us through the entire video up top. Dude’s got jokes!

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