VIDEO PREMIERE: “Flavour Of The Week” by Petra Glynt

In her new music video, Montreal-based art-pop agitator Petra Glynt captures the relationship between anxiety and virtual life with clarity.

December 4, 2018

Since its early September release, My Flag is A Burning Rag of Love, the newest release by Montreal-based art-pop agitator Petra Glynt has been a politically-fearless apertif for 2018’s uncertain back-end. Glynt, who’s toured with the likes of EMA and Doldrums, continues to establish herself as the ringleader for Canada’s newest metallic pop revival. On her new music video for “Flavour of the Week,” Glynt leans into the precision of her craft, using subtly and sterility to deliver an intimate self-representation executed with confidence.

“Flavour of the Week,” directed by Mohammad Rezaei and Michelle Homonylo (Dilly Dally, Lido Pimienta), features Glynt trapped in a clinically white sterile room, selected to “accompany the anxiety inducing, alienated sound of the track. Shot over four hours in Montreal, during the periods of sunset and dusk, Glynt’s wanderings through the time-hopping, domesticated prison is “meant to highlight transient yet sterile (impersonal) nature of modern life,” and replicate the urgency of the track, explain Rezaei and Homonylo. Glynt’s on-screen presence is made more gripping by the presence of another figure, played by Homonylo, who represents “her worries, her concerns, and her trauma—always there, sometimes large and in focus, other times in the background.”

After a long tradition of being the creative captain of her projects for the “Flavour of the Week” Glynt decided to hand over the reigns. In her own words, Petra Glynt describes her creative approach to the music video:


“I am usually the director of the visual aesthetic for my project so for me, making this video was an instance where I decided I felt okay with giving up that control. It became a way for my to explore movement in an improvised way in front of a camera. There was something freeing as well as uneasy about this approach because it was new territory for me.

It is interesting for me to see what sort of performance the video can arrive at based on communication, especially when there are no rehearsals. There is something cold about about this video as well as a sense of loneliness and isolation that the internet often facilitates.”

Check out Petra Glynt’s music video for “Flavour of the Week” below. You can grab My Flag is Burning a Rag of Love here.

You can catch Petra Glynt on her upcoming East Coast tour dates

12/05 – Minneapolis, MN – 7th Street Entry *
12/07 – Chicago, IL – Empty Bottle *
* With The Blow

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