Watch Mac DeMarco crowdsurf and kiss a fan

How much does Mac love his fans? This much.

May 13, 2017

Mac DeMarco shows are… unpredictable. Sometimes, he’ll strip down and play half-cut Limp Bizkit covers. Sometimes, he’ll play it mellow, and croon, soft-spoken, to a crowd of swooning adorers. But he’ll almost always crowd surf.

He did that a lot in Toronto this weekend. On Saturday, he crowdsurfed to – and climbed upon – the venue’s second story balcony. He’s done that before. But the night before, he kept his crowd surfing a little more tame, a little less dangerous, and a lot more loving. Watch him swim towards and smooch a lucky fan who was very much down for a little liplock. The video’s up top. It’s okay to be jealous.

lol Mac crowdsurfed to the top of the danforth music hall

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