Watch Nicki Minaj board a private plane like a boss

There are two ways to board a private jet: the Nicki Minaj way, and the wrong way.

June 14, 2017

There are only two ways to board a private chartered jet flight to Prague: the Nicki Minaj way, and the wrong way.

Let her demonstrate:

OK, you can stop screaming “YASS QUEEN!” now.

While you might think that’s just your average Nicki Minaj gram, things might be deeper than they appear: many Minaj fans took the video to be the latest diss towards rival Remy Ma, who Nicki’s been vaguely feuding with since time immemorial (2007). Well, you know what they say: living well is the best revenge, so in that spirit, all you really need to do get one over on a hater is sassily strut towards your private plane on your way to the Czech Republic.

Not such a good look, comparatively: releasing a seven-minute diss track over the “Ether” beat called “sheETHER”.

Advantage: Nicki.

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