Watching dudes mosh to “My Heart Will Go On” is our new favourite thing

Near, far, wherever they are...

June 26, 2017

We love a good montage, and when it comes to making silly ones, there’s perhaps no better fodder than a group of hardcore kids (well, besides a group of cybergoths).

We’ve seen variations on this over the years: Kids picking up pennies to the Seinfeld theme, hitting spin-kicks to “Kung Fu Fighting,” and so on, and so forth. But this is maybe the best yet. Made by Instagrammer musthrash (and later lifted by every dank meme account from here to Timbuktu), this one minute clip sees tattooed dudes at Warped Tour swinging and throwing down to the soothing sounds of Celine Dion. Yeah, we got a hit over here, boys.

Warped Tour runs through the summer. There are no Canadian dates. Sorry, Celine Dion.

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