We deconstructed Grimes’ AI manifesto on her new track, “We Appreciate Power”

Claire Boucher's unofficial guide to the artificial intelligence revolution has one main takeaway: if you can't beat the robots, become one.

November 29, 2018

Grimes returns this week with her first single since last year’s Janelle Monae-featuring “Venus Fly”, along with a glimpse into what the next stage of her career might have in store for us. The result is exactly what you’d expect from Grimes, meaning that it’s not something you’d expect at all. “We Appreciate Power” isn’t just super-catchy mish-mash of 80’s synth-pop and 90’s nu-metal, but also a welcome-anthem for the inevitable arrival of our Supercomputer overlords and the new reality they’re bringing with them.

Sure, if Grimes is right, then our brains will all exist on hard drives sooner rather than later, but it’s not just the chugging guitars or earwormy chorus courtesy of HANA —”We Appreciate Power” offers a pretty convincing argument that a world ruled by President Bleep-Bloop and/or The Duchess of Algorithm might not be so bad, and we’ve broken down why with some lyrics above.

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