We deserve a Lana Del Rey x Tyler, the Creator collab

They teased working together in 2017. Could a renewed friendly rivalry finally make it happen?

August 4, 2017

According to this week’s Billboard album sales figures, Lana Del Rey’s Lust for Life edged out Tyler the Creator’s Flower Boy… which in and of itself wouldn’t be that significant, except Lana only took the top spot by about 1000 sales (or, in modern Billboard-speak, “equivalent album units”). Lust for Life managed to rake in 107k EAUs, with 80k of those being traditional album sales, while Flower Boy just barely lost out with 106k (70k traditional). Just for some music industry perspective, the top-selling album of August 2001, NSYNC’s Celebrity, sold 1.8 million its first week, and there was no such thing as equivalent album units then.

For his part, Tyler doesn’t seem particularly fussed about losing out, with the Odd Future founder using Twitter to congratulate Rey on her victory instead of pining for Skate 4:

What this means for this potential 2012 exchange between Tyler/Del Rey re: a collaboration is uncertain, but let’s hope the friendly rivalry stokes the creative flames between the two once again:

Let’s hope that collab eventually does come to pass; after all, the two artists’ song titles are already so brand-synergistic it’s almost impossible to tell whose is whose without hearing them.

QUIZ TIME: Can you tell which songs on this list belong to Tyler and which belong to Lana?

a) Summer Bummer

b) Summertime Sadness

c) Cherry Bomb

d) Cherry

e) Fucking Young

f) Young and Beautiful

Answer: they’re all alternating Tyler/Lana. See what we mean?

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