We tried to figure out the Craig David/Drake Paradox

Here are our conclusions.

February 6, 2018

If you think Drake and Craig David are basically one in the same, you’re not alone. The Drake-Craig David confusion in music has been well documented on the internet. Google “Is Drake Craig David?” if you don’t believe us. But what makes these two artists confused for one another? Is Craig David the original Drake? Is he the UK Drake? Is Drake “Craig David” before he was Drake? Did Craig David teach Drake how to be Drake? Are you confused yet? Should we come up with a catch name? CRAKE? DrizzyDavid?

For now we’ll just break down what we do know. Drake (real name Aubrey Graham) and Craig David both have what can be regarded as two first names as full names. That’s kind of interesting considering these are their given names, not stage names.

Craig and Drake share a similar fanciness for hashtags. Drake idles #TheSix or #The6 while David has been known to use #EatCleanTrainDirty and #Thankful, quite often, the latter hashtag is also used by Drake.

Remember when Drake gave a shout out to David on his track “Closer” back in 2007?

Or when Craig David rhymed over Drake’s “Hotline Bling?”

Or what about the potential of a Craig David x Drake mixtape?

Even beyond their music — Craig David’s 2018 track “For the Gram” has a “Hotline Bling” vibe —Drake and Craig David both share uncanny similarities. Both Drake and Craig David were raised by their Jewish mothers. David’s father played bass in a reggae band and Drake’s dad played with the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis, before releasing his own music. So, both artists were put onto music early on, and came from female-heavy environments, which has clearly translated into their songs.

They also look A LOT alike.

We’re not joking around. They’re basically the same person.

Drake circa 2000? Nope, that’s Craig David.

This artist even said her next product would be a David-Drake underwear collection featuring her embroidery and illustrations. So, “Drake on your bra and Craig David on your knickers kind-of-thing!” We’d buy it. Speaking of clothing, Drake and David are big into apparel with David releasing a 2017 capsule collection with Selfridges and Drake continuing to kill it with his OVO line. Even UK sports reporter Ian Abrahams confused Drake for Craig David at 2015 Wimbledon. People really believe that Craig David is the original Drake.

So the take away from all of this? We’re going to call a draw and land on the fact that they’re probably the same person, in different dimensions. Take that for your conspiracy theory!

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