Westward Music Festival just announced their 2018 lineup

February 7, 2018

Westward dropped their lineup. You can guess I’m on the floor crying alongside the inevitable death of my credit score. Apparently, music festivals happen outside of Toronto which is serious news to me. To be honest, I don’t think I even really know where Vancouver is. The furthest west I’ve ever been is Colorado, and in Canada, the furthest west I’ve been is Queen Street West. So, explorer, I am not, but explorer, I will become.

Ah yes, the lineup, where to begin. So there’s a little Blood Orange because we all need some vitamin C for our disco fever. Some Saba, whose album Bucket List Project is seriously underrated (and still on heavy rotation). Oh yeah, let’s just throw in some Rhye and Angel Olsen because we the masses need a good cry. And of course, some Fatima Al Qadiri to remind me that I never completed my Asian Studies minor. What really screwed me up though was Kali Uchis and Kelela.

Me, listening to Kelela

Westward, why do you taunt me like this? It’s as if you actually want people like me to come to your festival? And more artists will be announced, so this is only the beginning. Calling up my Vancouver friends because I’m inviting myself to your (probably) beautiful city because I AM NOT MISSING KELELA. Who are some of your favourites in the lineup?


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