What did we do to deserve Cher?

Let's take a second to appreciate the legend that is Cher.

May 22, 2017

For a lot of millennials, Cher is just an emoji obsessed Twitter meme. Cher parody accounts go viral, and the real deal is often just fodder for fellowkids. But let’s be clear – Cher is the best, and we should protect her at all costs.

She is an icon, first and foremost. Cher has been in the public eye for more than 50 years, and in that time she’s topped the charts as a solo act, part of a duo, as a folk artist, and a disco queen. She had her biggest commercial success at 52, with “Believe,” the power anthem that, in part, was dedicated to her late husband Sonny Bono, who died that year.

She won an Oscar for Moonstruck in 1988, has sold more than 100 million records worldwide, and is a feminist and fashion icon. She’s a philanthropist who works tirelessly, helping Flint, Michigan fight for clean water and has become one of the LGBTQ community’s loudest advocates.

And at 71, she’s still fabulous as hell.

Last night she almost literally turned back time when she ran through “Believe” at the Billboard Music Awards and then, “If I Could Turn Back Time” in THE SAME OUTFIT SHE WORE IN 1989.

Again, she’s 71! And honestly? Her Twitter is an absolute delight, and as far as we’re concerned, Cher can do whatever she wants, whether that’s spamming emojis or unleashing on Trump (or, as she calls him, ‘toilet emoji’).

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